① 关系到,影响
  The World Cup taking place in Germany concerns all the fans throughout the world.
  It is reported that the pop singer is concerned with selling drug.
  He asked all concerned to take an active part in helping the girl.
  Don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you.别管与自己无关的事。
  ② 使担心;使关心;使烦恼
  The boys poor performance at school concerned his parents.
  The concerned parents were all concerned for the childrens safety. 忧心忡忡的家长们都为孩子们的安全担忧。
  1. 有关……的事(可数)
  Thats my concern, so Ill do as I like about it.
  2. 关怀;关心(不可数)
  Some people dont show much concern for our environment.
  3. 焦急;忧虑(不可数)
  There is now considerable concern for their illness. 现在对他们的病相当担心。
  There is growing concern that 。。。 越来越担心。。。
  4. 对某人来说最重要或最感兴趣的事(可数)
  What are your main concerns as a golf player? 作为一个高尔夫球员,你最关心什么?
  5. 企业;公司;商行(可数)
  TCL is a large concern in our country. TCL 是我们国家的一个大企业。
  6. 股份(可数)
  Many managers have concerns in their businesses. 许多经理在企业中都占有股份。
  ① concern oneself with / in / about sth. “忙于某事 / 关心某事 / 参与某事”。如:
  She concerns herself with social welfare. 她从事社会福利工作。
  ② as / so far as sb. / sth. be concerned“就某人 / 某物而言”。如:
  As far as I’m concerned, I don’t object to your decision. 就我(个人)而言,我不反对你的决定。
  ③ be concerned in / with sth. “与某物有牵连”。如:
  He was concerned with the crime. 他与那起罪案有关。
  ④ be concerned to do sth.“把做某事视为自己的事情”。如:
  He is always concerned to help others.他总是把帮助别人看作是自己的事情。
  ⑤ show / express concern about / for “对……表示关心、担心”。如:
  She showed a great deal of concern for her son’s illness. 她非常担心她儿子的病情。
  ⑥ have a concern in / with... “与……有利害关系”。如:
  I have no concern with that company.我与那家公司没什么关系。
  ⑦ be concerned about... / that... “关心……;担心……”。如:
  I’m concerned that they may have got lost. 我担心他们可能迷路了。
  ① concerned形容词,意为“有关的;担心的”。如:
  Concerned parents held a meeting. 忧心忡忡的家长们开了一次会。
  ② concerning介词,意为“关于;有关”。如:
  Concerning his proposal, there are pros and cons. 关于他的提案,有赞成和反对两种意见。concern 在这里是**及物动词**, 使...担心。常用的方法是用作被动语态,concerned就成为形容词,关心的、担心的, be concerned about就成了固定用法, 对...关心的, 对...担心的
如果你用Her organization concerns about children getting enough to eat, 意思就变成“她的组织使那些儿童担心能不能得到充足的食物。”,意思是她的组织反而成了儿童们吃饱饭的障碍了。直接改成动词不就玩high了。
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