keep sb.from

keep sb from ,指防止做某事,后动词。

keep sb away from,指人远离,后面接名字。

sb为缩写,全称为; somebody.

keep somebody from 


1、I wont get into definitions of what torture is but it would cause somebody tremendous pain and anguish to keep them from sleeping. 


2、Ideally, this handy trick would keep your data safe from prying eyes. Until somebody notices that you re sharing an inordinate number of executable files.


3、This is a problem in government, when the government tries to keep secret information and then somebody takes that from inside the government and gives it, for example, to a newspaper. 


4、Usually get my stuff from people who promised somebody else that they would keep it a secret---Walter Winchell, American newspaper and radio commentator. 

【释义】:通常把我的东西从人答应别人,他们会保守秘密--- Walter Winchell,美国报纸和电台评论员。

keep somebody away from


1、Please keep the little boy away from the boiling water.


2、You should keep the fish away from the cat.


3、he is a lier, we should keep away from him.


4、Keep the children away from the fire.


keep sb from doing sth 防止某人做某事

keep sb away from 使某人远离keep somebody from 后动词
keep somebody away from 后面名词
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