no one in the group

60,make ends meet ——有足够的钱支付家用 -They understand how difficult it is to make ends meet when you are a student
-Did you hear that Messier turn down that job?
Yeah, the hours were convenient, but she wouldnt have been able to make ends meet
61,lose track ——忘记,不了解,没有记下来
-Why were you late for the meeting this afternoon?
I just lost track of time
62,lose weight——体重减轻
-I must have lost some weight, look at baggy (松垂的) in my pants are
They dont look that loose to me
63,make a point of ——努力,特别努力,特别注意
-Next time it snows, I’ll make a point of taking a close look
64,lose ones train of ——忘记
-When you interrupted me, you make me lose my train of thought
65,make it ——办成功,做到,到达
-Here I am, I’m lucky I made it to the exam on time
I can see you were in a hurry; you are wearing your sweater inside out
-At the rate of its being used, the copier is not going to make it through the rest of the year
The year, it’s supposed to be good for five
-The subway is running behind schedule and traffic is backed up for blocks I dont know
If we will make the sever fifteen show
Its a beautiful night, let’s try to get there on foot, and if we dont make it, let’s
Just have dinner near the theater
66,make out ——分辨出,看清,听出,弄懂 -Any messages for me
Someone did call, but there were so much static(静电噪音), I couldnt make out what he was saying
-Could you lend me your biology notes?
Do you think youll be able to make out my handwriting?
67,make reservation ——预定 -Too bad you didnt make a hotel reservation
68,make sense ——弄懂什么的意思,言之有理
-Did you like the movie?
I couldnt make any sense out of it
-I guess it make sense considering how many students have jobs
69,make the most of——充分利用 -Its much too beautiful a day to waste in doors
You are right, let’s make the most of it
70,make up——弥补 -Suran wanted to take a make-up exam -Lora has to make up the examination
71,make up ones mind——拿定主意 -I think you help me make up my mind
72,meet each other half way ——相互妥协,让步 -My chemistry project is in trouble because my partner and I had totally different ideas about how to proceed You should tried to meet each other half way
73,mess up——捣乱,把某事搅和了
-Su, would you like to be my lab partner with the next experiment
Sure, I just cant believe you still want to work with me after I messed up last time
74,mix up——弄混淆,搞错了 -I get the time mixed up and went to the wrong class
-I am surprised to see you in class today, I heard you were sick
Me, you’ve got me mixed up with somebody else
75,moment by moment——每时每刻
-As a result, Jazz is a natural expression of the moods and feelings of the artists, a moment by moment
76,next to ——仅次于 -Eggs are supposed to be one of the most helpful foods Next to potatoes
77,on and off ——不时的,短短续续的
-Over three hundred and fifty labors and artisans have been working on and off since the money was raised to restore the house grandeur 庄严,富丽堂皇
-I just heard there are going to be showers on and off all weekend
There goes the picnic 我们的野餐泡汤了
78,on account of——因为,由于
-Do you think professor smith will cancel class on account of the special conference?
Not likely
79,no way ——表示强烈的否定
-Do you think Mark will get there in time?
No way我觉得可以。
由one of ...而来,no one of...(=none of...)
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