to helen英文赏析对小说《黑猫赏析坡自己对《黑猫》的分析,btw,他对自小说很少作此长的分析Edgar Allan Poe (EdgarAllanPoe) 1809 on 19 years 1, born in the United States, Massachusetts (Massachusetts) City of Boston (Bosten), 1849 on 10 years 7 in Maryland (Maryland) Baltimore City (Baltimore) died , only 40 years old.
In January 1809, in Boston City, a touring troupe of actors David slope of two (DavidPoe) and Elizabeth Arnold (ELizabethAnold) After a romantic marriage gave birth to Edgar. At that time, the United States,turmoil of life, low income, and do not seriously held in high esteem. Is a star of David every day because of alcohol interrupted career. Years of age when Edgar, David ran away from home, and gone forever. A year later, Elizabeth alone because he could not bring up three sons (Edgar and longer than their one-year-old brother and the small one-year-old sister) is a heavy burden, broken down from constant overwork, died. Richmond in Virginia City, the three orphans, penniless, and no one care. Fortunately, there are several well-intentioned people have to take them home. Edgar was the city wealthy John Allan (JohnAllan) to accept President. However, he has not been a formal adoption process. Edgar is perhaps the gratitude of their good intentions, or a change of surname Ellen, Ellen in 1824 after the middle name as their own, and this is the history of Edgar Allan Poe First Name Last Name.
Edgar Allen with a left for Britain, where he enrolled in primary school and accepted the basis of formal education, which lasted 6 years. He later put this experience into a semi-autobiographical novel "William Wilson" (WilliamWilson) years. After the primary, he returned to the United States with Mr. Allen to stay in school. He is a sensitive boy, outstanding, very cynical temperament. Teens, he and the relationship between the adoptive father began to deteriorate, the last tip of the wheat. Until this situation only when love dies eased. At the University of Virginia (theUniversityofVirginia) study period, the slope of the Institute of gambling, he was soon heavily in debt. Mr. Allen, he refused for a gambling debt, he also brought back home, let him in their own firms to do business in school. Edgar is very angry, after the big argument with a home to Boston. Mr. Allen was a son of, then cut off Mr. Edgar Allan there share from the idea of property, (in Mr. Allens will was indeed Edgar did not say a word, he may be hurt Too many hearts and minds now.) Edgar Chuang only way out since the beginning of the text in order to sell the difficult process of living.
While in Boston, he had called at their own expense anonymous "with fungus" (Tamerlane) a small collection of poems. Later he joined the Army in 1829 with funding from the publication of a friend named " (AlAaroaf) of poetry, including sonnet "To Science" (Sonnet-ToScience) and the Long Poem, "with fungus "". " 1830, in the help of Mr. Allen, hes a West Point a year later because he deliberately serious dereliction of duty and discipline and dismissal. He has published in New York, "Edgar A slope of poetry" (PoemsbyEdgarAllonPoe), of which the income of the "To Helen" (ToHelen), "City of the sea" (TheCityintheSea) of poetry, etc..
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